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History Manas National Park

Manas National Park was established as national park 1990 and it was basically a game reserve since 1928 and promoted as Tiger reserve in 1974. Located in foothills of Himalayas and known for its luscious greenery and for flora and fauna. It is situated Baksa and Chirang districts of Assam near the north bank of the Brahmaputra. It is extended over an area of 500 sq. km. It was acknowledged as part of the Chirang-Ripu Elephant Reserve which serves as the global corridor for elephant movement between India and Bhutan.

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The park is a wildlife sanctuary with a focus on maintaining the veracity of the possessions as an innate area. It articulates the central part of a bigger national park, the borders of which are evidently demarcated and supervised.

Popular Attractions of Manas National Park

Wildlife Break- Manas National Park is one of the key wildlife attractions in India. Number of traveler from diverse part of the nation and world visit here every year to prevail the opportunity to sustain beauty of wildlife and explore the elegance of the natural territory. The ideal geography with a river and its wide-ranging grasslands winds throughout its complete length. Manas hold an escapade that you will enjoy most.

Elephant safaris- Manas is not just about spotting one of the many bird watching zone but also famous for tiger view, river rafting, village tours. The park has also been demarcated as a significant bird region by the Birdlife International in turn to encourage the upkeep of endangered species.

Safaris can be booked in advance from the online website link given.

Jeep Safari - The other available options to see the national park is on booked jeep safari. Taking jeep safari ride in the jungles of Manas is peak structure of sightseeing. Open gypsy can accommodate six tourists at once at a time. It takes you to the unplugged part. The safari here will also bring you face to face with leopards, elephant, tiger and more than 20 species.

Best Time To Visit

Manas National Park can be visited throughout the year but when you need to pick best time then obviously months of February to October is best. The climate here during this time is comprehensive and grabbing the fauna in the park is maximum, during this time slots. No visit during monsoon season due to heavy rainfall. It is feasible to visit the place in summer but climate here during this time is harsh.

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