How to Plan Manas Tour

How to Plan Manas National Park Tour

Are you taking your family or friends to Manas National Park? Heading there would be real gem and make you experience the pleasing isolation from the hustle bustle of urban. You will discover Earth’s organic scenery here and unlimited fun with wildlife. This national park has it all that you have dreamt of having in reality. To do list is immensely large for making your holiday with family and friends memorable and dreamy.

plan manas tour

Below are summarized the things you can plan on your trip to Manas national park:

1: After online booking from your favorite travel sites, it’s time to take care of your packing essentials. Make a point of what to carry according to your purpose and prospect that you will have for your trip.

  • Water & Food items along with reusable cutlery/utensils reusable plates/cups
  • Id & Travel documents
  • Cash & debit/credit cards & digital transaction
  • Annual national parks pass if you have
  • Picnic tablecloth & cooler for food storage
  • Comfy boots & shoes, padded jacket, rain jacket
  • Camera, batteries, phone & phone charger
  • Big hat, goggles, sunscreen & mosquito repellent.

2. Compiled the skills and potential of the persons going with you and plan the researched area you want to cover.

3. Your trip activities should match your proficiency, skills, potential and trip goals including hiking, backpacking, and camping. Being over smart can lead you to untoward situation while doing outdoor adventures.

4. Camping, hiking, sightseeing, animals gazing and other adventures are the part of national parks so don’t hype them and involving in all activities are not must if your gut feeling not allowing you. Observe wildlife from far away and remind yourself that you are a sightseer to their home.

5. Hiking is very entertaining and you can ask warden for not so crowded trail for ultimate peace.Make sure you enjoy every bit of your trip and live every moment with your family and loved ones. Planning perfect landscape is always worthwhile. Manas National Park will plug you with all the joyful hormones.