Adventure Activities in Manas

Adventure Activities in Manas National Park

Tourists from all corners enjoy their escapade in Manas National Park to have some best moments with their family and friends. We found these top things which are absolute must-dos in Manas in the adventure segment. As we all know that theme of the park is adventure and wildlife so exploration remains at its best for adventurous people.

If you are up for adventure activities, we are introducing you to all destinations in Manas where you can have these top things which are absolute must-dos in Manas. Make your vacation memorable with our range of adventure activity destination trips and vacations includes cultural and discovery holidays, Rafting, Biking, cycling, Trekking, walking, winter activities adventures and the opportunity to see the world's most beautiful and wonderful nature.

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manas adventure activities
Wildlife Safari

Adventure Sports in Manas National Park plugs in as a distinguishing terrain for incredibly just about 380 types of division living things, 55 of well developed creatures, 50 of reptiles and some three of creatures of land and water. The species of animals and birds can be seen here in bulk so thrill is not going anywhere when you are in Manas.

Trekking & Camping

Adventure Sports in Manas National Park sideways from baby bird sightings and scenery wanders in the guaranteed sphere of influence, vitalizing put into effects like trekking and camping are equally at top here.

Elephant Safari

Elephant safari zones are directed to sport centers so adventure activities are higher that you would be familiar with some wild creatures on an elephant safari.

River Rafting

Adventure sports activities in Manas National Park are destined to make you encounter some worthwhile moments on your trek to river rafting. When in a boat take care of all safety measures.

Birds Watching

Birds watching enthusiasts will be left elated when a feathered creature will be doing certain things like chirping or feeding her baby bird. All these activities leave you mesmerized. They are Great Hornbill, Greater Adjutant, Red-headed Trogon, Swamp Francolin, Wreathed and Rufous-necked Hornbill, Marsh and Jerdon's Babblers, Hodgson's Bushchat, Rufous-vented Laughingthrush, and several others.