Manas Travelling Inside

Travelling Inside the Manas National Park

Span over an area of 950 km square kilometers, the Manas National Park has been the sizzling tourist destination for wildlife buffs. Jeep safari and elephant safari are the most trendy commuting modes for viewing the rich environment of the park. All the safaris are registered here so you are liable to take you inside the park where personal vehicles are not allowed. You need to make entries for the gate before heading.

travelling inside manas
Traveling inside the Manas National Park is followed by some of the useful points that you need to follow:
  • You cannot get outside from the vehicles while having a jeep safari ride.
  • Walking or trekking is not allowed inside the park.
  • Definite paths for vehicles are sustained to allow visitors to watch wildlife at the park.
  • Driving off track is not permitted in order to have maximum for safety for visitors
  • No driving is allowed after sunset.