Best time to visit Manas

Best time to visit Manas National Park

Best season decides your plan for trip. Manas National Park is slowly taking a peak in popularity and have become must visit for local and international travelers. It is located in Assam in North-East region India. This pristine park is well known for wildlife, adventures and wild water buffalo.

The bright look of the Manas National Park during November to April bewilders you. As per the season, you will have expanded exploration so choose wisely the best season to visit the park. The rest of the time, park remains closed for all due to rainy season.

best to visit manas

November to April will offer you the best time and best experience you had with your family or friends. The raw beauty of this worthy park is one of the relaxing and cheerful.

Especially November to December and March to April you will have soothing weather to instill the wildlife and its natural beauty. So be in this park to explore maximum during above mentioned time so that you will discover beauty of Manas National Park at its best.