Birds Watching Manas

Birds Watching Manas National Park Assam

Updated on - 29/June/2022 Updated on - 22/June/2022 Do you have a trip planned with your besties? Perhaps you should consider trying something different this year before you book tickets to Goa or Shimla? Imagine exploring a hidden destination in the country instead and experiencing a new adventure? You'll find Manas National Park a perfect holiday destination with your friends, with everything from nature trails to wild animal & bird spotting. Remember to disconnect from your phone to reconnect and make new memories with your friends amidst the birds of Manas National Park in Assam, India.

bird watching manas
Bird Watching Heaven

Birds are the real gems of the forest and watching them for long will enrich your soul. They solve your purpose of visiting the place and you can’t get over the beauty of their activities from chirping to moving to and from.

Manas National Park has birds in good numbers and different ranges. The enchanting holiday will be well spent in the company of both resident and migrant birds. You and your besties can spend days making your trip every single moment worthwhile. This park is a paradise for wildlife enthusiasts, and you can spot birds like peacocks and hornbell, and many more.

You should grab some amazing wonders of the park so that you will approve your whole trip with gratifications.

Getting there at the perfect time

The perfect time to visit Manas National Park for discovering birds of different species is from January to March. You will see both resident and migrant birds during this season. Best time for spending quality time with birds and full opportunity to photograph them in the jungle. Getting there at the right time makes a big difference in your trip and spotting birds is more convenient.

Morning and evening safari is the real charmer and take you through the park where birds dwell and you can see them in bulk too.