Explore Wildlife at Manas

Explore the Unique Wildlife at Manas

Updated on - 14/July/2022- In Assam, the eastern Himalaya has its heart in Manas National Park, known as the most beautiful landscape in the world. The number of tourists has gradually increased since it gained fame recently. A good dose of luxury, adventure, and plenty of travel. Those are the benefits of travel. Travelers and travel agents have made it most popular among people. A safe shelter for animals and birds where they are protected and in natural flares. They are in a good and healthy state in the park. Animals enjoy their freedom in the jungle as they get full space and they live the way they want to.

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Geographical Features of Manas National Park

Various national parks, sanctuaries, biosphere reserves, and other protected areas have been set up throughout the country to protect wildlife and biodiversity. Manas National Park is unique and special. It boasts a standard altitude of 61-110 m.

This park’s average temperature ranges from 15°C to 30°C. From May to September, there is heavy rainfall so it is advisable to avoid monsoon trips to the park. The grasslands cover 50% of this region, dry deciduous, moist deciduous and semi-evergreen jungle.

Unique Animals

You will enjoy meeting all the unique animals in the park's core and buffer zones as you explore the park. Apart from one-horned rhinos and tigers, there are many animals such as the Assam Roofed Top Turtle, Assamese macaques, Barasingha, Barking deer, Bengal Florican, Black Panther, Capped Langur, Chinese pangolin, and Clouded Leopard.

A refuge for migratory birds

Manas National Park is also a haven for migratory birds. The National Park contains many species of animals and birds. Some exotic species of birds, reptiles, and amphibians deserve special mention and are worth capturing once you are in the park.