Get Enthralled with Green Space in Manas

Get Enthralled with Green Space in Manas

Updated on - 26/Apr/2022

Running out of travel worthy spots?

Place to go if you are looking for an otherworldly experience on your holiday. Manas National Park is the green vegetation spot dotting the rocks and waterways, giving it all an almost hallucinogenic feel that goes beyond words.

When you travel according to the season, you find a different scene altogether every season. The picture of the park is unique on its own way even in summer. Manas forest is architected well with all beautiful greenery rich where wildlife in good number of animals and birds co-exist in abundance.

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Jeep Safari: The most convenient way to explore the park once can observe tigers, leopards and other animals from a safe distance. Enjoying safari moment is quite enriching and if you got to have Manas National Park forest then the full swing fun will be there for you.

Elephant Safari: Discovering forest at the back of strong and intelligent elephant is quite appreciable moment for most of the people. From the relevant distance you are going to meet your favorite tigers. This gonna be super fun and your journey will be very sorted with all your choices you have made to explore the jungle of Manas National Park.

The park is identified for the exceptional species of animals like the Assam roofed turtle, hispid hare, golden langur and pygmy hog. It is also home to the largest population of the endangered Royal Bengal Tiger and one horned rhino the world.