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Ideal staycation with wonderful food option: Manas

Updated on - 13/Oct/2022 The rich collection of tigers, forests, wildlife, park, garden, safari, rivers, hotels, and a plate of happiness excites you altogether then you should not wait any longer to dive into those beautiful moments of being in their bunch. How about living your fantasy this time with adventurous Manas National Park? The wildlife freaking person ideally craves all nature essentials and varied flora and fauna. I will take you on the best nature visit to the best jungle safari and many more.

Hotel Musa Jungle Retreat

Our hotel of choice was Musa Jungle Retreat. Our lodge offered a proper wilderness experience that was close by, cherished, and balmy. Every detailing was just the thing, from welcoming rooms to mouthwatering gourmet foods, from professional guides to responsive staff, and from early dawn chilliness to relaxing nights. Apart from game drives, you might go to the swimming pool and avail of other facilities from the lodge's collection, play football, or grace the animal’s presence at the waterhole from the gallery. We have chosen the right and one should go once for the sake of an amazing experience.

food option in manas
Lavishing a mouthwatering meal at Musa Jungle Retreat

If you are precisely into an Indian meal, then unquestionably head to the restaurant of Musa Jungle Retreat offers an impeccable Indian dining experience inspired by global influences. Our favorites were a few of the cuisines from Panorama which were enriched with taste and health both.

Huge tents with larger courtyards to take advantage of chances of sightings

Doing a jungle safari to Manas National Park is another thing and you can make a bit of change in your stay. The chances of sighting beautiful animals are wonderful here and staying in the tents gives another level of charm. You feel connected with wildlife and jungle life. With a virtuous blend of local, national, and international touch, Manas National Park give power to its employees with employment generation and exposes them to generosity and diligence from end to end personal experience. It is expected that you will get lost, but that is part of the fun of getting lost will be enjoyable. You can always get your way back to this beautiful Manas National Park where no matter how far you go, getting the right things done from your end is the most blissful thing ever.

Why settle for less if you have many options by your side? Thanks, me later for sharing this practical information with you guys.