Bookmark These 7 Invaluable Jewels You Must Include in Assam Itinerary

Bookmark These 7 Invaluable Jewels You Must Include in Assam Itinerary

By Tushar [06-Nov-23] Assam, often hailed as the tea capital of India, beckons visitors with its breathtaking landscapes and a profound connection to nature. Boasting five prominent national parks, Assam is not only a haven for wildlife enthusiasts but also a repository of significant historical and cultural heritage. The region's allure extends beyond its lush tea gardens, encompassing a wealth of wild animals and migratory birds. As you step into this enchanting realm of Assam tourism, you'll discover a delightful blend of tea culture, wildlife sanctuaries, and cultural landmarks that have captivated travelers for years. Yet, the true magic lies in the lesser-explored corners of the state, where hidden gems await dynamic souls eager to unravel their mysteries.

For those planning a visit to Assam, here’s a list of the top seven must-visit places to ensure an unforgettable tour. Let's embark on the journey with the unique yet lesser-known landmarks of Assam.

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1. Haflong: Frequently dubbed the 'Switzerland of the East,' Haflong presents mesmerizing panoramic vistas of the surrounding hills and valleys, creating an ideal haven for nature enthusiasts. Beyond its aesthetic allure, Haflong is renowned for hosting a diverse array of migratory birds. Notably, the region is known for the intriguing phenomenon of birds appearing to commit suicide in the Jatinga Valley on moonless, foggy nights. Haflong further boasts picturesque waterfalls and the charm of ethnic tribal villages. Adventure enthusiasts can partake in trekking adventures in the Borail hills and revel in the captivating performances of tribal dance groups, a cultural spectacle not to be missed.

1. The Royal Residences: Manas National Park is renowned for its charismatic megafauna, making it a wildlife enthusiast's dream come true. The park is home to the regal Bengal tiger, its distinctive stripes blending seamlessly with the dappled sunlight filtering through the lush canopy. The Indian one-horned rhinoceros, a symbol of conservation success, grazes peacefully on the park's vast grasslands, while herds of Indian elephants traverse the meandering paths, creating a living mosaic against the backdrop of emerald green.

2. Sualkuchi: In Assam, the art of weaving unfolds through the creation of unique and vibrant fabrics known as Assam Silk. This includes the delicate paat silk, the radiant golden muga silk, and the warm eri silk. Sualkuchi stands as one of the world's largest weaving villages. The majority of its residents are dedicated to the intricate craft of producing exquisite Assam silk fabrics. For those enamored with colorful garments and eager to witness the garment-making process firsthand, a visit to Sualkuchi is a rewarding experience. The village offers the opportunity to purchase charming sarees or Mekhela Sador at favorable rates.

3. Majuli Island: Majuli, renowned as the largest river island globally is a pivotal center for Vaishnavite culture, adorned with numerous Satras (monasteries) dedicated to preserving ancient Assamese traditions, dance, music, and art for centuries. Majuli's allure extends to the island's scenic beauty captivates with lush green landscapes, water bodies hosting migratory birds, and breathtaking sunsets that paint the sky in a myriad of colors. The ideal time to experience Majuli's cultural vibrancy is during the Raas festival, typically celebrated in November.

4. Manas National Park: Manas National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, unfolds as a beacon of wildlife conservation, showcasing its diverse and picturesque landscapes. The national park serves as a sanctuary for an extensive array of wildlife and bird species. The park's rich biodiversity, coupled with its awe-inspiring scenery, offers a profound experience, leaving visitors marveling at its conservation efforts. For wildlife exploration, conduct research on How to Plan Manas Tour to partake in the exhilarating activity of jungle safari. Here, you can indulge in the unique experience of staying in a wild resort within the park, where the gentle sounds of the river and the nocturnal symphony of animals create an otherworldly ambiance.

5. Sivasagar: Once the capital of the Ahom Kingdom, Sivasagar is a town steeped in history, showcasing impressive architectural wonders like Rang Ghar, Talatal Ghar, and Kareng Ghar that offer a glimpse into the region's royal legacy. Sivasagar is a marvelous city with a rich historical tapestry. Sivasagar possesses a captivating ability to transport you back in time. The noteworthy monuments make it one of the top destinations to explore in Assam.

6. Tai-Phake Village: Namphake, in Assam's Tinsukia district, is a unique village hosting the Tai Phake community, descendants of Thailand's Tai people. This vibrant village showcases the rich Tai Phake culture through traditional wooden houses adorned with colorful paintings. Namphake village boasts the oldest Namphake Monastery, adorned with decorations by a community tracing its origins back to 18th-century Myanmar.

7. Hajo: Hajo is a hub of sacred sites, harmoniously catering to Hindus, Muslims, and Buddhists, making it a distinctive and spiritually enriching destination known for its religious diversity. This unique place stands as a symbol of unity and tolerance, where different faiths peacefully coexist. Apart from its religious significance, Hajo is renowned for traditional handicrafts, notably pottery and brass work. Additionally, a boat ride along the Brahmaputra River near Hajo provides a mesmerizing experience, offering breathtaking views of the region's natural beauty and the presence of migratory birds.

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