Jeep Excursion in Manas

A Jeep Excursion in the Mammal’s Haven: Manas

Updated on - 29/June/2022 For tourists, the forest department offers safari rides through this forest, which is home to big mammals. I'm not sure why this safari isn't as popular as those offered in other Tiger Sanctuaries. I wasn't a fan of safari rides, but we had a mind-blasting time at Manas National Park.

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Pre-Booked Full-Day Safari

You can avail pre-booked full-day safari which will pick you up very next day early morning at 6’o clock along with a naturalist. You never know you can come across seeing a single plant covering the whole place amidst very tall Silk cotton trees. When you step inside the national park, you will encounter many favorable happenings such as the chance to see tigers, rhinoceroses, elephants with their families, and many other situational things which will make you feel an adventurous safari to Manas National Park is truly worth it.

During a safari, you never know what you will find

Coming across different and unique events during your long hour's safari is how interesting you will realize once you get into the same. How about the beautiful sighting of these rare birds in a generous landscape? Adjutant storks are scavengers, as their habitat is getting destroyed they are now seen mostly in the landfill areas.

The continuous safari can make you feel the jungle very closely and the unpredictable view of beautiful creatures is add-on bliss. The Fire-breasted flowerpecker, Red-breasted Parakeets, Gray-chinned minivet, and Ruddy kingfisher are some of the few beauties bump into on this trail can be obvious. The exciting pair of Kaleej Pheasants can give a blissful appearance. You can even eye peel for Trogons and Green Jay and many more exciting mammals which you have never seen before. Reaching over there is such a lucky venture you would realize after covering all the beauties of the forest through a blissful safari to Manas National Park