Dropping Rhino Poaching Cases

PM Narendre Modi Appreciates the Efforts of Assam Government in Dropping Rhino Poaching Cases

Updated on - 01/Feb/2022 Narendra Modi PM admired the attempts of the people and the Assam Govt. in dropping the rhino poaching cases from 37 in 2013 to one in 2021. "When there is a sincere effort, work is done with a noble intention, results also follow," he said in his monthly radio program 'Mann ki Baat'.

On the positive statement from Modi, Assam CM Himanta Biswa Sarma said while thanking the PM also mentioning that poaching cases will be entirely eliminated from every national park of Assam including Manas National Park. Modi said more than 2,400 horns seized from smugglers were burnt on September 22 last year on the occasion of World Rhino Day. "This was a stern message to the poachers. The result of such efforts is that now there is a steady decrease in the hunting of rhinos in Assam," the PM said.

rhino poaching

The efforts on saving the rhinos from poaching are indeed commendable things that happen in Assam. The improvement is huge and the Government is confirming too zero poaching in a couple of years. Modi also mentioned Assam is famous especially for its tea plantations and national parks along with one horned rhinos.

Mann Ki Baat affair is an amazing thing for Assam, Sarma added, "The PM considered the Assam Govt and people's efforts in anti-poaching but also celebrated the moment by playing the Kaziranga song of Bhupen Hazarika, who is a lasting inspiration for Assam.

“The song is quite suitable and goes well with the lush green atmosphere of Kaziranga and Manas, the residence of elephants and tigers. The touch of the elegance, beauty of wildlife with the birds chirping and the view of wonderful greens all around looks vivid. The picture of the rhinoceros is also seen in the Moonga and Eri dresses woven on the earth famed handlooms of Assam," Modi said.

As we can conclude from the current situation that poaching cases have decreased immensely and we are hoping for the best result in the upcoming year as well.