Bodo Cuisine at Manas

Savour the Authentic Bodo Cuisine at Manas

Updated on - 20/Oct/2022 Usually, national parks are popular for their natural beauty and wildlife adventures. But, can you guess the other factor which adds to your trip experience? Well, it’s none other than the persistent food traditions which are mainly inspired by the tribal culture. If you enjoy trying regional dishes and are a foodie at heart, then you must definitely try out the “Bodo Cuisine” served at Manas National Park which is being served here for the past several years along with the feel of Bodo culture. It is a treat for tourists to enjoy this freshly cooked Thali, which serves a menu of foods consumed by the Bodo people. Bodos are the indigenous tribe of Assam.

Traditional Preparation of Cuisines

The Preparation of food done here is healthier and tastier and prepared in a traditional style offering a variety of dishes to relish the assorted local Bodo delicacies of Assam offered here like Khar is an essential element in the Assamese cuisine and is also the commencement point of the luxurious Assamese thali. Bamboo is also an exotic part of the traditional Bodo life where the bamboo shoot is smoked and pork inside a hollow bamboo stem.

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Sources and the Assorted Cuisines Munched!

The Agricultural yield and the river passing by is the place where Bodo kitchen can be found in nature in the sprawling fields, lush green, and the mountain streams which is a never ending source of fresh river yields like eels, snails, gorai fish, myriad variety of fishes and much more along with the beverages like rice wine.

Bodos generally prefer pig and country chicken over mutton. Pork is barbecued with zest and, is also relished with rice flour curries. Dried fish is also used extensively by Bodos in their cuisines. They prefer adding a variety of herbs to their cuisines as this helps in cooking a balanced food with a strong flavour adding various types of herbs like Puti Maach is cooked in green herbs. The Chutney or the green sauce is also prepared traditionally using a different variety of local herbs by them. Along with the herbs, the Nayan Mani and Kumro Flower are used by the Bodos to garnish the cuisine and give the food an authentic touch!

So, if you are planning your trip to Manas this festive season don’t forget to relish its delectable cuisine and culture!!