Summer Vacation with Manas

Summer Vacation with Manas National Park

Updated on - 04/May/2022 Manas National Park is placed amidst the mild rises at the mounts of the Himalayas in India's northeastern Assam range. Manas is the home to the exceptional golden langur, the hispid hare, the pigmy hog, the one-horned rhino, and also other species of animals and birds which is their haven. Flora and fauna have been very important and people crave its view and their surroundings please the heart and soul.

Manas National Park Forest

The park has both deciduous and coniferous vegetation. Often the forest is covered in dense growth, making it difficult for the sun to shine through. However, few things make Manas unique or you can say that traveling to Assam or Bhutan is a must place visit. Take a deep forest experience and be surrounded by deer or rhinos and tigers or leopards. Besides safari, river rafting is a thing to observe herds of wild animals while rafting around the rivers. Going into the jungle areas is full of fascination. The enlightening part of the place is that their staycation spots are of a premium level.

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Jeep & Elephant Safari

The Jeep safari and the elephant safari are the two means which will add extra oomph to your trip to Manas National Park. You can have a cheerful moment by hunting for porcupines on foot during a jungle visit. You can also move towards the border of Assam where there is the starting point of Manas Sanctuary of Bhutan starts. The fun is here in abundance and making the most of it is in elephant and jeep’s hands. You are surrounded with exquisiteness and there is no second thought that Manas National Park is one of the best parks. As it grows in popularity, more and more tourists are coming here with friends and family.