Why Winter is a great time to go to Manas

Why Winter is a great time to go to Manas

Updated on - 07/01/2022 Manas National Park is a paradise for nature and wildlife lovers, which is also big on wild animals, wide mountains and rivers. In winter it looks so enthralling and the safari experience is so amazing that you will love the discovery of the jungle. Hill ranges, grassy countryside, majestic cascades, thick forests, and celebrated caves prevail in Manas. Not only will you love the close views of nature and jungle safari, but you can be the explorer of boating, elephant and jeep safari while having a sample of the traditional cuisine. Tourists, on the subject of taking advantage of all that nature has to offer, are incredibly looking forward to it. Why also not include being in jungle safaris to different routes in winter.

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Manas Elephant and Jeep Safari in winter

Do you think that winter has its charm to discover the elephant and jeep safari? Winter has something more to offer then why limit yourself to one ride only if you can do online booking for multiple rides to jungle safari. The biodiversity of the Manas National Park makes you move with the elephant or jeep safari and the view of the wild creatures in the midst is icing on the cake. You may choose different times for both safaris as per your preferred time. The experience of both safaris has its own peculiarity and it is very subjective what excites you more.

  • Whether it is jeep safari or elephant safari to the different zones we make sure that you are going to have full fun with the huge belongings of the deep jungle.

Manas National Park is a perfect belonging of Assam and the park is raising its bar by becoming more and more popular everyday among tourists. In winter you will have much fun as there is no rising temperature to trouble you. Only a few warm clothes and you are done while visiting the forest. The gloomy gesture of the jungle can make a difference and exudes a world class view of your favorite animals around.