Why you should visit Bodoland

Why you should visit Bodoland and Manas Park

Updated on - 16/Sep/2022 Scenic vistas, wildlife sanctuaries, and adorable people are all here to steal the hearts of the tourists. A Week spent during the Dwijing festival at Bodoland is simply filled with pure joy and fun. Discovery of the ‘pristine land’, experiencing a very colourful festival in Northeast India along with the Manas Safari Zone, and meeting lovely people.

Bodoland is the indigenous inhabitant of the Bodo tribe of Assam, also known as ‘the land of Bodos’. Lying in the foothills of Bhutan Himalayas, Bodoland comprises four districts of Assam which are governed by the Bodoland Territorial Council; the area is now well known as Bodoland Territorial Area Districts which has been given the legislative, executive, administrative, and financial powers in the area. With important wildlife sanctuaries and wildlife reserves, Bodoland is unmatched in biodiversity. The Most important wildlife sanctuary of Assam is the Manas National Park because apart from its rich flora and fauna beauty, the area is also culturally rich. Bodos are the largest ethnic community in Assam and is the heartland of Bodos where people fiercely safeguard their culture andtraditions and cheerfully welcome you so that people experience their hospitality and Bodo culture as well.

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Due to the insignificant promotion and negative publicity, the area has never been much in public eyes despite being so naturally and culturally rich. But, with the help of the Ambassadors of Bodoland and Bodoland Tourism, the area will surely now come to the tourism map.

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Places to Visit and Things to do in Bodoland

Manas National Park- The Most Iconic and bewitching place in this region is the Manas National Park. Manas is one of the fascinating places and is the only national park in India with five conservation statuses i.e. Project Tiger Reserve, UNESCO World Heritage Site, an Elephant Reserve, an important bird area as well as a Biosphere reserve.The Bansbari range is the entry point to the park which is about 136 km from Guwahati airport. The Manas National Park was named after the Manas riverwhich flows from the gorges of Bhutan. It is the only forested area that has increased in size!

A Walk with Elephants- With the abrupt change in the scenery, bumpy rides, driving through the dense and green forested area, and sighting the rich biodiversity from the height. The Elephant ride ensures an enjoyable ride along with far and better visibility of the wildlife in the national park.

Bogamati- Bogamati is a beautiful picnic spot around the Bornadi river, located at the foothills of the Himalayas near the Bhutan border.

Chakrashila Wildlife Sanctuary- In the Kokrajhar area, there is another wildlife sanctuary that is rich in diversity where areas like Nayekgaon Rubber Garden and DeeplaiBeel are popular for Golden Langur sightings. Also, DeeplaiBeel is home to a large number of migratory bird species. A three-day festival is held here at Baukhungri hills during April which is the main attraction here.

Thus, there are other places of interest as well like Bornadi Wildlife Sanctuary, Ultapani Reserve Forest, Chowki, and Bhairabkhunda where tourists and locals can explore and have information.

How to reach Bodoland- Guwahati is the nearest airport where tourists can drive to any destination in Bodoland.