Manas National Park, Asaam Recorded Highest Tourists Visit This Season

Manas, Asaam Recorded Highest Tourists Visit This Season

Updated [04-Apr-23] Manas National Park which is one of the favorite spot for people who love travelling. It’s just not us but stated by government as well. You will be amazed to know about the latest press release of government which states that our favorite tourist place Manas National Park and Tiger Reserve received the highest ever revenue in the last financial year which is 2022 to 2023 according to the record.

According to the stats the revenue went up by 4% in the year of 2022-23 which is Rs. 1,35,84,450 to be exact, and you can notice the huge growth of revenue if compared to the last 7-year average which is 37% growth.

It is such a wonderful place for tourist that the tourist inflow is also increased by 2% which is 53,957 in numbers which directly impacted the revenues growth which is also increased by 2% over the previous financial year. These growing numbers definitely shows the greater picture that Manas National Park is slowly but surely moving forward towards eco-tourism because of revenues which is witnessing a 2% higher rise than number of tourists.

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Assam being the biggest tourist producer from all over the India when it comes to Manas National Park with the percentage of 77 and other 23% are from 33 other states and Union Territories. And this comes without the shock that Manas National Park witnessed the highest number of foreign tourists in its history with the number of 799 visiting from 34 countries according to the records.

The previous growth was witnessed in the year of 2019-2020 with 721 tourist’s visits. The top 5 foreign countries in order of the number of tourists were the United Kingdom, United States, France, Ireland, and Denmark. Activity which amazed the foreign tourist the most are the Jeep Safari, and Elephant Safari (the price of the following are Rs 1067, Rs 821, Rs 192, and Rs 138 respectively).

According to the data, 53158 Indian tourists visited from states and Union Territories of the countries in which the data of the following which includes Dadra and Nagar Haveli, Daman and Diu, and Lakshwadeep is not represented. The top 5 states according to the number of tourists were West Bengal, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Meghalaya, and Gujarat.

As our Hon’ble Supreme Court directed Project Tiger Guidelines which doesn’t impacted either revenue of closing night stays or the numbers of tourist visiting at Mothanguri in the following. The highest rush month is recorded to be January followed by December, March, and November. And for the foreign tourist the most rush rush month is March at 201.

In the previous financial year 2022-23 the revenue collection and tourist booking both were done completely online in a proper cashless manner, in which you will be surprised to know that the system facing only 3 minor glitches. And even the park authorities appreciated efforts of Manas Accomodation and Tourism Society and Jeep Safari Association in promoting the park at the whole different level.