Meet the Offbeat Side of Assam at Sualkuchi

Meet the Offbeat Side of Assam at Sualkuchi

Updated [19-June-23] Sualkuchi is an offbeat pride of Assam, located at a distance of 35 km from Guwahati, on the northern bank of River Brahmaputra. Reach Guwahati by flight or train and then head off to Sualkuchi by road. Also named as the ‘Manchester of Assam’ or the weaver’s village as the place is renowned for producing the best kind of silk in Assam.

Settled in the Kamrup district, Sualkuchi has a number of cottage industries engaged in handloom works. A visit to the village will acknowledge you with the different kinds of silk quality such as Pat silk, Muga silk, Eri silk and Endi cloth, along with Mekhela chadors and Gamosas, which have a bulky demand throughout the state as well as from various parts of India. Once you reach there, it is needless to mention the picturesque beauty of Sualkuchi, embellished with bamboo and mud houses, that seems appealing to the eyes. Overall the trip is going to be the paradigm of pure ethnicity and simplicity.

If birdwatching enthuses you then the winters are the best time to visit the place from November to March as Sualkuchi welcomes a lot of migratory birds. On the contrary, summers and monsoons are less favourable to visit as the summers are quite hot and monsoons come with heavy rainfall accompanied by thunderstorms.

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Sualkuchi has gained tourists’ attraction primarily due to its rich north-eastern culture and truest form of traditions. Secondly, if you want to experience the village culture, then the houses made of bamboo and mud-thatched walls give the rustic essence of the rural lifestyle. The bamboo-mud combination keeps the houses cool in summer and warm in winter. Thirdly, the weaving village is an unparalleled and efficient source of silk production.

You can also add a spiritual spree to your trip by visiting the plethora of temples and monasteries around Sualkuchi, surrounded by exceptional natural beauty. Although there is no specific tourist destination in Sualkuchi, but you can definitely indulge in wandering around the village, as every nook corner and other aspect of the village is worth appreciation. Also,
Go for shopping and buying the best specimens of silk-woven handlooms from the local market. There is an abundance of hand-woven fabrics that are created by incorporating century-old techniques. You can indulge in conversation with the weavers to enlighten yourself regarding the process of making the fabrics, right from beginning to end. Apart from commendable silk work, Sualkochi is also popular for its unparalleled handicrafts made of bamboo and the items serve as perfect souvenirs.

The Brahmaputra River flows through Sualkuchi and the verdurous woodlands shield the vast breadth of the river. The river, the forest and the agriculture fields all together create a mesmerising natural canvas worth marvelling at. A leisurely stroll especially during the sunset will leave your grey cells dumbstruck.

A couple of days is enough for imbibing the quaint ambiance of Sualkuchi. However, if you are left with few more days of holiday then you should definitely head towards experiencing the wildlife of Assam. Pobitora National Park, Manas National Park and Kaziranga National Park are the famous wildlife destinations in Assam. Also at a distance of 12 km from Sualkochi, there is a popular pilgrimage destination, named Hajo. The place receives footfall from all over the country almost throughout the year. The small town has gained significance due to the presence of Hindu, Muslim and Buddhist worship places in close proximity and has set a sterling example of communal harmony.